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All Meadow Hill Students will be Global, Enterprising, Moral & Successful citizens.

District Mission: Inspiring students to become tomorrow's leaders beyond Academy Field.

District Vision: Through the work of all, we will achieve inclusive excellence. 

Do It With Love 

Created by Ms Pavri for her bloggers. 

spring break events. what do kids do? -Aleksandra Belugin

                          It seems that over spring break, the majority of students at Meadow Hill did  nothing and just stayed home. Does this reflect on how the students educate themselves outside of schools? Does this mean they're wasting their brain cells, watching TV? Is this a reflection on the determination of our students and their "Generation Z" philosophy?  Is the media affecting the thoughts of our future scholars?  You decide and comment below.

Mrs. Pavri's Publishing Books By Michael G

            Mrs. Pavri's 6th Grade ELA students are writing essays on how to make the world a better place. They are writing drafts for each page of the book. They got the ideas by creating a circle map and brainstormed on how to make the world a better place. They also created a tree map. On the tree map, they wrote about 3 things that they could do to make the world a better place. Then they're started to write essays. The essays will be finished and they will be sent to a publishing company. Here are some examples of some books that the students published last year... 

NYS Math Assessment

 The students in grades 3-8 will be taking the NY State Math Assessment during the first week of May. To prepare for the exam the students should get a lot of rest and sleep.  Also eat a good breakfast.  Don't forget to bring a #2 pencil.  Good Luck everyone!


                                      THE AUTISM DANCE

On Friday the 20th Student Government and Mrs. Nonnon's team is throwing a dance for the autistic kids and their family so they can have a fun night. Mrs. Nonnon  and Student Government students are creating invitations, and setting up the dance. They will also serve food at the dance. We hope that they have a fantastic night!

The 7th grade field trip by Mark Rittgers

                    The 7th graders have a field trip!

Get ready 7th grade! We are going on a field trip to a place to an escape the room place called 5 Wits in the Palisades Mall. You will be put in a group and you have 30 minutes to escape the room. There are 3 different rooms each with a different theme. The themes are ocean, tomb and outer space.  Remember to bring in your permission slips and money. You can also bring money for the food court.  It's going to be a great trip!

The Doo Wop Project trip By Mark Rittgers

                                The Doo Wop Project trip.

On April 18th all of the 5-8th graders in chorus, band and orchestra from all the schools in district went to the auditorium at NFA.  They went to watch a performance from some former dancers on Broadway. They were in shows such as The Jersey Boys and Motown, the musical. In their years on Broadway, they became good friends and decided to form a music group that preformed a type of music called  Doo Wop. They performed 4 songs that got many students clapping and snapping along. They even taught the kids a part to sing along as they did! This was a great experience for all who came and it was really fun!  The 4 boys performing were amazing and very funny and talented.

                                                                                 Thank you Doo Wop Project!  It was great!


Ms.Boone Interview

We interviewed Ms Boone our (6-8) Guidance Counselor this week.  Here are some questions we asked her:

Q:What do you do in your free time?"
A: "I like to do Ballroom dancing and play tennis".

Q:"What do you do for the school?"
A:"I work with students on careers and work on issues"

Q:"What do you do to help students?"
A: "I work on smart goal plans and help with conflicts"

Q:"Did you have jobs before you did this?"
A:"I worked for NY Daily News and NYC Public Schools"

We all thank Ms Boone for the Interview.

Math mock assessment by Andrea, and Sumayah

Next week  ( 3- 8 ) grades will be taking the "MATH MOCK ASSESSMENT".  Students will be sent to their testing location and follow a 2 hour delay schedule or if needed a testing schedule! 

Why are we having this mock assessment?  
We are having it because students need to prepare for the" NY STATE TEST" 

Where is it happening, you ask? 
 It’s happening in classrooms all over the building.

When is it happening?
It is occurring on April 17th

Who will be participating?
All students in grades 3-8 will be participating.  

Hopefully this will help to prepare students for the Math State Assessment. 

         - Andrea

Interviewing Mr Sparks by Mark Rittgers and Anthoney Barett

                                Interviewing Mr Sparks

Mr. Leonard Sparks is a reporter for the Times Herald Record and he came to visit the GEM Bloggers along with Mr Grice, our Empire program facilitator.  We had an opporutnity to have a conversation with him regarding his job and interview him.  He also gave us some suggestions and pointers.  

Here are some of the questions we asked:

Q1: What do you do for a living?
A1; I am a reporter for a newspaper called the TIMES HERALD RECORD.

Q2: How did you get this job?
A2: I used advice from an old professor and applied it to multiple newspapers. Then I got this job.

Q3: Where did you go to school?
A3: I went to Morgan State in Baltimore Maryland which is a journalism school.   

Q4: What do you do?
A4: I write stories and report on what happens in Newburgh.

Q5: How long have you been reporting?
A5: I have been reporting for about 14 to 15 years and started at a small newspaper in Baltimore.

Q6: How long does it take to write a story?
A6: Usually around 4 to 5 hours.

Q7: Where do you report?

A7: I report on what happens in Newburgh.

Q8: Where do you work?

A8: I am a reporter for the TIMES HERALD RECORD in the Hudson Valley..

Q9: How long do you work each day?

A9: I work 8 hours on a normal day if there is not any breaking news.

                                 THANK YOU MR SPARKS 

Ms.Williams Empire Art Project By Michael G

               Hello my name Michael G, I am a GEM Reporter and today I will be talking about Ms. Williams' Art Project. Ms. Williams' Project is about peace and friendship. She got the inspiration from an artist (Keith Haring). Her students helped her create the project "Do It With Love" which is also our district motto.   It took many days to finish the project but they worked hard and were able to complete it. Great job!

The Culture Fair By Mark Rittgers and Ariana

                                  THE CULTURE FAIR

The Meadow Hill Culture Fair took place on April 4th in the cafeteria and Gemnasium. Students created projects about countries from around the world which they shared with everyone. They represented their countries by bringing in food, items as well as dressing up in their native clothing. It was a fun evening for all.  This entire event was organized by Mrs Livolsi and Mrs Candal. 

ELA Power Point Tutorial by Mark Rittgers and Ariana Alvarez

                                                           ELA POWER POINT TUTORIALS

 This week the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have a Power Point Tutorial in the Primary Playroom, for the entire day. Students will watch videos, play ELA games, work in groups, write essays based around ELA. Students will have fun exploring ELA skills, that will prepare them for the ELA State Assessment.

Anthony Barrett interviewed Mr Armand

I,  Antony Barrett  interviewed our (K-2) Assistant Principal Mr. Armand and these are the questions I had for him.

Q: "What do you do in your free time?"
A:"I spend time with my family/children and grand kids."

Q:"How can you improve the school?"
A: "I can help support K-2nd grades."

Q: "What are your thoughts on vending machines in our school?"
A: " I would go for vending machines as long as they provide healthy snacks."

Q:"Do you think our middle schoolers should get recess?"
A:  "Everyone should have some time for recess."

I want to thank Mr. Armand for interviewing with me.

Mrs. Winfield Computer Science Class By Michael G

       Hi, my name is Michael G, I am one of the GEM Reporters. Today I will be talking to Mrs. Winfield Corbett's about her Computer Science Empire Class. I asked her some questions about her class and the following are her responses. 

The first question I asked was "What is your after school program about?"
 Her response:  "I work with Computer Science for innovators and makers."  My students work on computer coding and block coding and also java script. 

The second question is "Will you do a project in the future". 
Her response:  " Yes, my students are learning how to program micro bits with computer coding. They also use micro chips to do projects". 

The last question I asked was "What do you teach?" 
Her response: "Computer Science for Innovators and Makers". 
I had fun interviewing Mrs.Winfield Corbett.
I am Michael G a GEMS reporter, signing out.


Mr Prokosch Interview: Michael Diaz

We had the chance to interview our (6-8) Assistant Principal, Mr. Prokosch, Here's what we asked him:

Q: "What do you in your free time?"
A:" I like to hang out with family and play golf."

Q: "What do you do to help the school?"
A: "I like to listen to kids, parents, faculty and listen to suggestions"

Q: "What do you think can improve the school?"
A: "I want all of us working together, listen to needs and help our school family."

Q: "Whats your thought about vending machines?"
A: "I would allow it for breakfast."

Q: "Do you think 6-8 graders should get recess?
A: "If there was a good schedule, then we would get recess but K-5 grades already have recess built into their schedule."

We want to thank Mr. Prokosch for this interview.

Interviewing Mrs. Russell.

Hi I am part of the Meadow Hill GEMS Blog and I interviewed Mrs. Russell, one of our Assistant Principals.  Here are three questions I asked her.

Q:  "What do you like about this school?"
A:  "I like to work with people at this school."

Q:  "What do you want people to work on?"
A: "I would like people to work on kindness.  Treat others with respect and compassion because you never know what others have been through."

Q:  "What are some important things we need to do in school?"
A:  "The important things we need to do at school are to be safe, be respected and feel that students belong here."

I want to thank Mrs. Russell for this interview.

The Art Kids By Andrea D. and Sumayah M.

Today we interviewed two art students from Mrs. Williams Art Club which is a part of the Empire program!

Q#1- Is it fun being an artist?
A#1- " Yes, because you can be creative and fun!" - Nia C.

Q#2- What made you want to join the art club?
A#2- " I love the art, I always loved it!" - Nia C.

These are the questions we asked about Nia C.!

Next We interviewed Diana C.

Q#1- What made you want to join?
A#1- "The colors and how it can be so beautiful" - Diana C.

Q#2- What's your favorite thing about art?
A#2- "The colors and how it can be so beautiful" - Diana C.

We want to thank the two artists for allowing us to take some time to interview them.

NY State ELA Assessment By Michael G

  I am one of the GEM Reporters and today I will be talking about the ELA State Assessment. The assessment will be in April. I am giving you some tips to do well on the test. First, you should get at least 8 hours of sleep to have a good morning. Second, you should eat a good breakfast for your mind to think. Third, you should study your notes and standards and boom you will do well on the ELA State Assessment. I am a GEM Reporter, signing out.

All District By Andrea D. and Sumayah

The greatest musicians from the NECSD from Grades 5-6 are getting together to perform in a great concert at NFA Main! They will be participating in band, chorus, and orchestra. The students have worked very hard for this performance. We wish them well!